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Latest jobs

Structural Engineer   Competitive
Associate Director – Central London   £70,000 - £75,000 Plus Benefits
Fastrack to Associate – London   £45,000 - £50,000 Plus Benefits
Senior Structural Engineer – Central London   £45,000 - £48,000 Plus Benefits
Graduate Structural Engineer – Central London   £30,000 - £34,000 Plus Benefits
Structural Engineer – Southend-on-Sea   £30,000 - £33,000 Plus Benefits
Graduate Marine Engineer – Hove   £29,000 - £33,000 Plus Benefits
Graduate Structural Engineers Structural engineer (general) £25000 - £34000 per annum
Graduate Structural Engineer Structural engineer (general) £24000 - £30000 per annum

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The Structural Engineer

The Structural Engineer

Visit the website of the international journal of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

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Joining the Institution of Structural Engineers will include you in a worldwide community of professionals. More than any other professional accreditation, membership will mark you out as a structural engineer working at the top of the profession.

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The Institution of Structural Engineers publishes authoritative technical reports.

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