PUDLO’s Enda Gorman Joins Cemfree

Published on: 9 Jan 2018

DBG has expanded its Cemfree ultra-low carbon concrete team to include Enda Gorman, former PUDLO Commercial Manager, who has slotted into the same role within the Cemfree branch of DBG. Enda is eager to explore the sustainable side of concrete and help Cemfree to reach its full potential, saying, “I was involved with PUDLO for a number of years, so it was difficult to leave that side of the business behind, but I’m thrilled to be a part of the Cemfree team now. I want to build on the momentum it has already gathered and push it forward to become the product of choice for sustainable construction, which I know it can be.”

Enda joined DBG in 2013 as a PUDLO Technical Manager and soon progressed to the role of Commercial Manager which saw him involved with prestigious projects such as the King’s Cross redevelopment scheme. He has a wealth of commercial experience and has recently completed his MSc in Business & Management and is already AMICT and CSSW qualified. 

Wayne Zakers, CEO of DBG, is more than happy with the new Cemfree addition, saying, “Cemfree has the potential to be a real game-changer for the construction industry. We’re so pleased to have a tremendous Cemfree team that is passionate about bringing this new product to the marketplace and adjusting the perception of concrete so that it is considered to be a sustainable building material. I’m confident that the Cemfree team will work extremely well under Enda’s leadership to make this happen.”