CV writing service for structural engineers

Published on: 15 May 2017

In the competitive jobs market for structural engineers, it is essential your CV stands out and meets the high professional expectations of employers. Research shows that less than 30 seconds is spent on average reading a CV, therefore you have got to get your story over quickly and in a compelling fashion. This is where a professional CV writer can really help.

Too many CVs read like job descriptions that could apply to anyone. Other CVs may be many pages long – pages that simply will not get read. Your CV needs to contain recent examples of achievements and successes and be supported by facts and figures. Employers don’t want to know what you done but how well you have done it.  This is why focusing on accomplishments rather than listing a series of duties is so important.

A professional CV writer

A CV writer acts rather like a window into your career. They will provide the writing skills to connect your career to what employers are looking for. Providing this external perspective is a critical advantage to job seekers who write their own CV.  A professional CV writer will extract all the necessary information and align and focus it towards your next intended role.

It is worthwhile choosing a service that includes a consultation. The closer you work with the CV writer and more engaged in the process you are – the better the end product will be. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of a CV. It acts as the passport to your next job and therefore it pays to make sure it is the very best it can be before applying for any roles. 

If you would like help with your CV then CV Writers are the official CV partner to Structural Engineer Jobs. In addition to a CV writing service they can help with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching and more. You can get things started with a free CV review.